Short Stories - non fiction

The Royal Wedding

Like millions of people, I was glued to my television set yesterday watching the Royal Wedding. Many people, including my son, don't have any clue as to why anyone would care to watch such a thing. I, on the other hand, jumped out of bed at 5:50 am and ran to the TV as I… Continue reading The Royal Wedding

Short Stories - non fiction

No Complaints Please, It’s “Me” Time!

I treated myself to a haircut today. I love going to the salon, my hairdresser is a lovely person. When I arrived, a short woman with dark hair was standing outside. She had a tall thin grey haired man looking down at her hair. She was showing him that the hair colour was different from… Continue reading No Complaints Please, It’s “Me” Time!

Short Stories - non fiction

Count Down to the Royal Wedding

As the Royal Wedding day approaches, it reminds me of the excitement around the wedding of Charles and Diana back in 1981. Diana wore that incredible dress with the train that went on forever. She was so young and innocent, and she likely had no idea what she was in for as she married one… Continue reading Count Down to the Royal Wedding

Liebster Award, Short Stories - non fiction

I was nominated for The Liebster Award!

I never win anything, so when I randomly came across a nomination for a Liebster Award, I was tickled pink. Although truthfully I have no idea what it is, and I am generally pretty confused when it comes to blogging and everything about blogging, it still made my day. Thanks so much to Non-Euclideansofa for nominating me!… Continue reading I was nominated for The Liebster Award!