Short Stories - non fiction

Getting a haircut is good for the soul

There are few things in life that gives me a boost more than getting a haircut. Out of desperation I went to a different hairdresser today. Not because I wanted to, but because taking time off work is not an option right now, and my wonderful hairdresser doesn't work on weekends. So I took the… Continue reading Getting a haircut is good for the soul

Short Stories - non fiction

Bicycle Man

I often see "Bicycle Man" commuting in the early morning, he is on his way somewhere, like the rest of us commuters. Bicycle Man carries his belongings in old tattered plastic bags. He is rather rough looking. It's entirely possible that he is homeless, or at least he looks like he could live off of… Continue reading Bicycle Man

Short Stories - non fiction

Twinrix Vaccine – to do or not to do

I have to have the Twinrix vaccine to guard against Hepatitis. It's not something that would have ever occurred to me, but my doctor recommended it since I am immune compromised. It's a series of three shots. I had one in January, the second shot today, and I will get the third shot in July.… Continue reading Twinrix Vaccine – to do or not to do