Short Stories - non fiction

The Stray Dog

I got together with a dear friend recently and we shared a few stories. She told me that on more than one occasion she would bring home stray dogs as a kid, and her grandmother would refuse to allow the adoption, abruptly slamming the door on her face with a firm "no".  This made me… Continue reading The Stray Dog

Short Stories - non fiction

Medical Torture 

There are certain medical tests which makes we really wonder. The mammogram for example. Who thought of that? I understand the idea behind flattening and spreading out the breast to see what might be looming inside, but I can't really understand why there isn't a less uncomfortable way to do this test. Don't get me… Continue reading Medical Torture 

Short Stories - non fiction

My latest Netflix binge 

After my last post about my favorite Netflix shows which are binge-worthy, I took the advice of some friends and watched Offspring. It took about 3 shows to get interesting, but I was determined to give it a shot so I stuck with it.  If you enjoyed Grey's Anatomy, you will probably really like this… Continue reading My latest Netflix binge 

Short Stories - non fiction

Labour Day – the most bittersweet day of the year

Labour Day Monday has to be the most bittersweet day of the year. It's the unofficial last day of summer. The last day before the students go back to school. It's also the day before traffic mayhem.  I used to dread this day as a kid. It was the day before I was sentenced to… Continue reading Labour Day – the most bittersweet day of the year

Short Stories - non fiction

Stormy Waters

Remembering my experience with Hurricane Hugo.

Random Short Stories

I love a good storm. When there is a snow storm or a hurricane in the forecast, I get comfy, put on a fire, grab a cozy blanket, and watch the coverage on CNN. It’s the lazy man’s approach to storm chasing. It is also the safe way to watch a storm. This story is about the unsafe way to watch a storm.
It was the 3rd weekend in September, the year was 1989. Bruce and I had been married for 4 months, and our friends Hal and Suzie had been married for just over a month. The four of us decided to rent a houseboat for the weekend. It was going to be great.
Hal and Suzie were fun to hang out with. They loved to talk, and would often talk at the same time. Sometimes while one was talking, the other were hold up their hand, like you…

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