Short Stories - non fiction

Bird Poop

My car was splattered with too much bird poop. Had to go for a car wash. The stuff was stubborn and wouldn’t come off. So I did something I never do, I complained to the Petro Canada guy.

I am pretty sure that remortgaging my house was less painful than getting a free car wash. First he had to “inspect” my car. Yup, it is still riddled with bird poop. Then I followed him in to get my free ticket, but he sent me away to return with the old ticket (like he couldn’t have told me to bring the crumpled paper). Then he had to serve the customer in front of me. After that he filled in some paperwork. It was so ridiculous.

We wash our three vehicles at this same place all of the time. Maybe it’s time to rethink that…..

2 thoughts on “Bird Poop”

  1. Super post Anne! SO done with crappy customer service. I find service better, by and large, when we go down to WA or OR or CA. Why is that? Argh! When I see opportunities for a little kindness sqaundered, it burns me. The customer is always number one, and I kept that mantra in all my service jobs, sometimes to the consternation of my bosses. Goodwill is such a strong bringer of business IMO.
    The bane of my life BTW is that sticky rez from cottonwood trees – it drips on your car til it is a translucent mess. I used to put tarps but what a pain in the posterior! First world prob eh?

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