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Count Down to the Royal Wedding

As the Royal Wedding day approaches, it reminds me of the excitement around the wedding of Charles and Diana back in 1981. Diana wore that incredible dress with the train that went on forever. She was so young and innocent, and she likely had no idea what she was in for as she married one of the worlds most eligible bachelors.

Back in 1981, you had to get up early to watch the wedding. There was no such thing as a PVR, or the internet. Nevertheless, the media coverage was huge.

It is exciting that Harry has found the love of his life. It’s just a shame that Diana is not alive to see her boys grow into fine young men.

I heard that Meghan will have white roses at her wedding, they were reportedly Diana’s favourite. She’s a class act. I hope that Meghan and Harry have a long and successful marriage.

This will be the last huge Royal Wedding that the Queen will bare witness to, the next will be when Will and Kate’s children wed. Strange to think that far ahead, Charles will be King! Does that make Camilla Queen? I suppose so.

Do you plan to watch the wedding? I would love to hear your thoughts!

2 thoughts on “Count Down to the Royal Wedding”

  1. I love the Queen – she is to be admired for her decorum and dignity, if not the longevity of her reign. My daughter and I will stay up late to watch it live. My son is not a fan of the monarchy. Kidding, he doesn’t care for weddings!

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    1. I will probably get up early and watch it live. The main event starts at 6am my time. But I have my PVR set. I like the Queen now as well, although I feel like she could have handled the situation with Diana better. I am not sure about Charles, I think a lot of people would prefer to see Will step in.

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