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Paid parking rip off

I had to go for an ultrasound today, which required me to drink a lot of water, and not pee until after the test. I am not entirely sure that I will last. My teeth are floating as I wait for my turn.

At this medical imaging place, you have to pay for parking. It’s a confusing machine, and I ended up paying twice. So $8 for less than an hour.

I tried to pass the extra ticket on to a young man who was about to pay, but he got nervous because the parking meter guy was sitting in a car staring at us. It’s not like we were doing anything illegal, but the gentleman ended up deciding to pay anyway, which annoyed me. I was feeling impatient anyway because I had to pee, so I guess I was inadvertently treating everything like it was urgent.

Anyhow, pardon the pun, but I am pissed off. And to add insult to injury, someone just ran water at the water cooler. Cruel, just plane cruel.

3 thoughts on “Paid parking rip off”

  1. How relatable your posts are! My son has to get his dental ‘appliance’ tightened every week or so. Paid parking is unavoidable. The appointments take 15m, so one time I decided one time NOT to pay $3 for the half hour. No loonies or townies. You can guess what happened. He must have been lurking in the weeds: an $80 ‘coupon’! I worked for the parking guys for awhile years back – it should count for military duty on your resume is all I can say. Sounded like a horrible day for you OTOH. I’m on a diuretic, so I can sort of feel your pain, and it IS pain.

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    1. Yes….plus they were 45 minutes late seeing me, and there was a water fountain in the room which I could hear. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and asked the receptionist to see if they could see me, which worked! But I nearly died waiting…..

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