Short Stories - non fiction

What makes your house feel like home

Last year, my son had to write an essay about what makes his house special, what makes it “home”. You know that feeling when you have been traveling, and you arrive back home, and you have that warm and fuzzy feeling? Why is that? 

Some people feel that way because they have pets. The dog is so flipping happy to see you, it warms your heart right? 

We don’t have any “official” pets, but we do have a few neighborhood squirrels and chipmunks that are like pets. 

I found it interesting to read his essay. My son mentioned a few things about our house that were special to him. One thing that he wrote about was Stubby the squirrel. The boys are always happy to see Stubby, and they worry about him when he disappears for periods of time. 

Another item at our house which James really appreciates is his basketball net. He gets tons of enjoyment and exercise shooting hoops. He said he really noticed the net was missing when the snow removal company wrecked it, it took a while for us to replace it. 

I like the way our house makes me feel. It is warm and inviting, especially when it’s clean and tidy. I also LOVE my bed. It is so cozy. When I was in the hospital in April, I couldn’t wait to sleep in my own bed again.

We had to remove a tree from our front yard a few years ago because it had died. Oddly enough, all of us really missed that tree. It changed the landscape and made our front entrance very open. It felt too bare. It actually took all of us years to get used to the tree being gone. It’s funny how you can take a lot of little things for granted, and yet when they are gone you miss them. 


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