Short Stories - non fiction

Clearing out the closet 

We have been making an effort to declutter our house. After living here for 21 years, we have more than our share of crap.

The benefits of clearing out are many. For one thing, we can now walk into the walk in closet. 

It took me hours to clean out the closet. But then again, it took us years to create such a disaster. 

Aside from the fact that my clothes now fit it the closet, it was a bit of a treasure hunt. I found a huge bag of wool, approximate value is $100. On top of that, I found $4. Not a ton of money, but a small bonus.

I was finally able to part with some clothes which were still perfectly good, but I wasn’t wearing them. So now the clothes that I do wear have more room.

The closet is now a breath of fresh air. Everything is hung by category. It’s how I want my closet to be. The question is: how long before it becomes a disaster again? 


2 thoughts on “Clearing out the closet ”

  1. It is so satisfying to reduce clutter! We have moved frequently (me, wife and 2 kids), 6 times in about ten years. That is the only way to keep streamlined and minimal clutter. One always fills up any given space, sadly.

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