Short Stories - non fiction

One of my many pet peeves

I was getting dressed the other day when suddenly I realized that I had to get undressed to address a pet peeve. What could it possibly be? It was the sudden and urgent need to take the tag off of my sweater. Why oh why must everyone sew a label onto the neckline of clothing. It drives me bananas! Why must they choose this particular spot? Why not put the label somewhere that doesn’t scratch and itch? Does anyone appreciate this location? Does anyone say “boy I am sure glad that label is there, it really completes this outfit, and it reminds me if where I bought this clothing item so I will go back there and but more…” ?? Really? I say not! I think it is just stupid and annoying and I am hereby declaring it an official pet peeve of mine henceforth. Just say no to neckline labels! 
Peace out ✌🏻 


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