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Nobody likes my stupid blog…..

I have read a number of blogs about blogging over the past month and I have learned a few tips on blogging. Some ideas that I have used include writing at least twice a week, and tagging my posts. I have also started reading more and more blogs, and I will hit the like button and comment when I feel so inclined. Bloggers appreciate that, and it sometimes leads to a follow, which I appreciate.

The reason that I started blogging was that I enjoy writing. I like to make people laugh by sharing some ridiculous stories. And I hope that people enjoy some of the random topics. I have noticed that a lot of people like to hear about my elderly parents. Other popular posts have been lists of things that I like. People like lists for some reason.

My husband and son get annoyed by my time spent writing. It’s not like I would be doing anything else to fill my time, especially not something that they would benefit from. My husband usually thinks my ideas are really bad, until he sees an idea come to fruition, and then he usually thinks the idea was really good. 

When I am just making conversation casually with friends and telling them about my blog, my husband will pipe up “quit talking about your stupid blog…..nobody cares about your blog.” But then, when he reads one of my posts he will say “what I like about your stories is that they are always positive and they aren’t too long.” 

I guess he likes my stupid blog afterall! 


16 thoughts on “Nobody likes my stupid blog…..”

      1. [ Laughs ] I am impressed!

        The younger generation of bloggers are usually the ones who use their smartphones to blog.

        I prefer to use a laptop computer to create and format content.

        However, I do read blog posts occasionally on my smartphone.

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  1. Omg, I so relate except it’s me who says that internally about my own. This self inflicted dialogue has frozen my blog writing. I personally love your stupid blog lol! And I love catching up in a binge reading because if I read them as you publish, then I want more!!

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    1. Inwas just thinking the other day how you’ve gone radio silent! Keep writing my dear! Thanks for your kind words, my stupid blog is a fun pastime and I get a lot of fun out of it. My advice is to keep at it, you are a gifted writer my dear friend!


      1. I have had a few weirdos, it’s a bit disturbing but I don’t let them get to me. By the way, I have found that contributing regularly is key. Also reading other blogs is entertaining and drives up traffic to my site as a bonus. Perhaps you need to diversify and write about a variety of topics? Just a thought….but keep it up….you have a gift! You are one of the people who got me going on blogging!!

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      2. That’s a thought worth pondering 🤔. Well, I am sure glad you started blogging, I love your take on things, people and life. As you can tell, I am binge reading this morning.

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