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Easy Ways to Save Money

I am far from great with money, but I do try to save a few bucks here and there. I thought I would share a few tips that I have learned along the way.

If you shop at Shopper’s Drug Mart you are throwing money out the window if you don’t have an Optimum card. It’s very easy to earn points and you can save them up and spend them when you need to. I usually spend my points at Christmas because that’s when we need to stretch our dollars the farthest. If you are smart you wait and spend your points when they have a “spend your points” event. They give you up to $200 for $170 worth of points. It’s awesome!

Also, if you have an Optimum card, you can earn bonus points on certain days. It adds up quickly if you shop on these days.

If you have an Air Miles card you can set it up so that you earn cash instead of travel points. I earn cash points at LCBO, Metro, Shell, Rexall and Staples. Every now and then I get $10 worth of cash miles. It’s a nice bonus when checking out to have an extra $10 bucks off.

If you are crafty and shop at Michael’s, you should download the Michael’s app to your phone. Every week there is a coupon that can be used once a day. Sometimes it’s as much as 55% off an item. It’s a great way to cut down the cost of wool if you are a knitter. They also have special coupons for other items such as frames. It’s worth it to check out the Michael’s app.

Did you know that the Superstore will match any sale price for other grocery stores? If you are organized and bring the flyers with you, they have a special lane for price matching. It’s better than driving around town to get deals. 

If you shop at Loblaws, the Superstore, or Independent, you can earn cash points by having a PC Plus card. The only catch is that every week you have to download their deals. It’s easy though, they send you an email and you click a button. Every now and then I get $20 off of my food order by using the PC Plus points. I love free money – it’s such a bonus!

It might seem really obvious, but you can save a fortune by bringing your own coffee to work. We have a Keurig machine at work, so I save time and money by bringing k-cups to the office. Take out coffee is a royal rip off.

If you don’t want to eat out at lunch, but are strapped for time. Farmboy sells prepackaged sandwiches. They are really good. I especially like their salmon sandwiches, but the egg salad and tuna are also good. They charge about $3.50-$4 for a sandwich. Which is better than you would pay at a restaurant. 

Another thing that I have started to do this year is to buy BBQ chicken and debone it right away. I was tired of always wasting food. We were always buying chickens and throwing them out. Once I started taking the meat off of the bone, the chicken would get eaten. We use chicken to make wraps, or chicken quesadilla. These are really easy meals, and they taste great!

Did you know that the butcher will put meat on sale when it is just a few hours older than the other meat? I noticed some steaks were reduced by 30%, but others were not on sale. Yet they had the same expiry date. I asked the butcher what the difference was. He said “we packed that meat at 7am and the other meat was packaged at noon….there is no difference.” So I look for that now. With the price of meat these days, it can really add up.

I hope that you picked up a few ideas from this post. If you have money saving ideas I’d love to hear them. It’s amazing how you can save money when you put your mind to it. 


4 thoughts on “Easy Ways to Save Money”

  1. I am sooooo addicted to my points card. My ultimate favourite is TD Infinite for travel rewards. Instead of miles, it converts to travel dollars that can be used on anything on Expedia. Loblaws and Shoppers do have the best point racking benefit and like you, I have saved tons on groceries and personal care products.

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