Short Stories - non fiction

Penny Wise Dollar Foolish 

On my Dad’s birthday I picked him up a watch that was on sale at Shopper’s Drug Mart. I really liked the face of it. It was simple and large, and easy to read for a 92 year old.

He had a cheap watch which randomly beeped at 3:07 pm every day. He didn’t know how to make it stop. So a simple battery operated watch was perfect.

The price was perfect too. It only coat $7.50. 

So I brought it home and set the time. That’s when I realized the battery was dead. Nevertheless I gave him the watch at dinner and he was thrilled to get it.

I took the watch in to have the battery replaced. The battery cost $15.00, still not a bad gift for $22.50.

I drove right over to the retirement home and gave Dad the now ticking watch. He was excited to get it. “I was secretly hoping that someone would buy me a watch.” He said.

Dad tried the watch on, but decided that he didn’t like the strap. It was a cheap watch strap for sure. So today he went and got the strap replaced for $20.00. So the $7.50 watch ended up costing $32.50! 

Let’s hope the damn thing works! 


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