Short Stories - non fiction

Penny for your thoughts….

Do you ever wonder where your old clothes end up? Like maybe you once owned a pair of penny loafers, and they went out of style so you either donated them to charity or sold them for 25 cents at a garage sale. Maybe those shoes went on a trip and walked around Paris! They felt bad saying goodbye to you, but they knew that they had served their purpose and were moving on to something bigger and better. The person who bought them was very frugal and was able to afford the trip because she only bought second hand clothes. Perhaps while in Paris they were accidentally left behind in a hotel. The chambermade came along, saw potential in them, and brought them to a shoemaker where they were spruced up. She wore them until she tired if them, and passed them onto a friend who took them with her to Australia. You had long since forgotten about your once favorite footwear, but their life was far from over. Ever wonder about stuff like that? 


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