Short Stories - non fiction

Comfort Hounds

Some time ago, my brother Ken described Bruce and I as comfort hounds. I am not going to lie, he is absolutely right. 

There are a few things that I have discovered that I cannot live without. During my recent extended stay in the hospital, I discovered how important these seemingly little items are to my happiness.

My pillow is a memory foam pillow. For some reason, if I try to sleep with any other pillow I wake up with sore ears. I don’t think my ears protrude that much. But perhaps I am wrong about that. In any event, if I am going to have a decent sleep, I must have my own pillow.

Another item which makes me happy and which I cannot live without is my Aveeno body wash. Some time ago my skin decided that it does not like regular soap. My skin gets very itchy and rashy if I use anything but my Aveeno. 

My skin also needs to a good moisturizer and face cream. Not just anything will do though. The body lotion must be creamy and it must have a nice scent. Not too much though, just a light scent. The right body lotion makes me happy. My skin gets very unhappy when I neglect it. 

Face cream has to be L’Oreal. Both Bruce and I are fussy about the face cream, it has to be creamy. Nothing watery will do. We used to like the “Future e” cream until our drug store stopped selling it. Why oh why must perfectly good products be discontinued? Is it too much to ask that they keep our favorite face cream on the shelf?

Another comfort hound pet peeve is static electricity. I cannot stand static in my clothing. I have clothes that I will avoid wearing because they get too staticky. A trick that I learned years ago was to cover your body with lotion to ward off static. You can rub lotion right on your pantyhose and static will disappear. Anyway, static is an annoyance that I can’t handle. I have given away perfectly good clothes because if their static tendency.

Trust me when I say there are a lot of other preferences that this comfort hound has. These are just a few of the many. So if you see me with a knot in my face, it might just be that I am missing one of the many comforts that keep me happy. 


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