Short Stories - non fiction

Memories of My Culottes

There have been many fashion trends over the years that I have cottoned onto. There have been some that I was very resistant to let go of, regardless of how outdated the look.

When I think of culottes, I think of my very dear friend Justine. We both had a pair of black VELVET culottes back in the mid-70’s. Yes, VELVET! Honestly those culottes made me feel like the cat’s ass. Justine’s culottes had a zipper, and mine laced up. We would go out on the town sporting our culottes, and there was no stopping us.

I googled culottes and was surprised to see that they can be purchased on-line now. Are culottes making a comeback? Can it be true? I have to get a pair! I want to feel like the cat’s ass again and culottes might just be the ticket!

The culotte pants did come back in style for a while in the 80’s. They were call gauchos. I bought a pair of black suede gaucho pants, and I loved them! Tragically though, I wore them to the Lonestar Restaurant one evening, and they took on a B.O. smell that was impossible to get rid of. I tried hanging them outside, I tried spraying them with a variety of scents, but nothing masked the stink. It was tragic. I had to let the smelly gaucho pants go. Sob!

Another fashion trend that I LOVED, was stirrup pants. In the 90s, had a couple of pairs of stirrup pants, and they made me feel like a super model rock star. I took on an attitude of confidence when I wore those pants. I was so sad when I learned the news that stirrup pants were out of style. Why oh why would the fashion gods take stirrup pants away from me? But alas, I had to move on. I was wearing those stirrup pants one time and as I entered a building I was asked if I was with the group of models. See what I am saying? It was the pants! 

Another fashion trend which comes and goes are straight legged pants vs bell bottoms. About 12 years ago the bell bottom came back into style. I have to admit, it took me a while to get used to them again. I resisted buying a pair, but when I combed the stores looking for straight legged pants, there were none to be had. “What is wrong with these people” I thought. But I had to give in, and eventually got quite used to them. The other day though, I dug out a pair of bell bottom yoga pants and put them on, and realized that secretly and slowly the bell bottom is no longer in style. I mean these yoga pants that I have are really very wide. So wide that when I cross the street, my pants get there before I do. (Ha ha, that is a line someone at Acadia said to me back in 1979 when the bell bottom look had gone out of fashion.)

I will wait until the stirrup pant and the culottes come back, and I will be the first one in line to buy a pair of each. The fashionista in me longs for these looks to make a comeback.

What fashion trend do you love? Are there any that you detest? I’d love to hear your thoughts and memories. Until then, stay fashionable people! 


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