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Loser Blogger

I am convinced that my 94 year old mother thinks that I can’t write worth a damn. About 18 months ago I wrote a short story and entered it into a writing competition. Although I didn’t win, I received very positive feedback from almost everyone who read it. But when my mom read the story, she told me that I should take a writing course. 

A year ago I started writing stories and posting them on a Facebook page, and three months ago I started posting some stories to my blog. I tried to explain to my mom about the blog. I know she doesn’t get it at all, she gives me a blank look the minute I mention the word blog. I guess that’s to be expected from a 94 year old. But again she keeps reminding me that there are writing courses that I could take.

I have a degree in English Literature, and I work at the local university where I am in charge of communications to 30,000 students. So I mentioned that to her casually, but it doesn’t seem to register.  Clearly my writing skills suck in her eyes.

So last night she happened to be watching a show where this fellow was talking about his blog. His blog was enourmously popular, and he eventually turned his blog posts into a book. He made a boatload of money. My mom was so taken with this fellow that she told me all about it during our nightly phone call. She even called me back later last evening to go on about it again.
The thing about having elderly parents is that every time they phone I think there is going to be a trip to the hospital (or worse) involved. So I was both relieved that everyone was okay, and annoyed that she really wished I had seen this show so I could learn how to write a blog, turn it into a book, and make loads of money.

Now I know that it is highly unlikely that my blog is going to be wildly successful. Not unless I can figure out how to be interesting and funny enough to attract a zillion followers. So for now I am satisfied with the few “likes” I get, and grateful that the odd person finds me interesting enough to follow. 

Maybe I should just take that damn course after all.


5 thoughts on “Loser Blogger”

  1. My mum (58) drives me crazy she doesn’t get the whole blogging thing either!!! Whenever I mention it she says ‘oh still talking to weirdos on the internet are we’ it gets me so angry she doesn’t even try to understand. I think as I blog as a hobby and am not making thousands of pounds writing she doesn’t see the point! Xxx


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