Short Stories - non fiction

How our Garage became the Girlrage.

The garage became the “girlrage” a few years ago. It started when we dragged an old leather couch out of my neighbours garbage and stuck it in the garage. It made for a good place to sit. During the day, there was shelter from the sun or the rain in the garage.
Sometimes our neighbours would pop by for a visit when they’d see us sitting on the old green couch, so we’d grab a lawn chair for them. Over time, we added some old tables, handy for drinks etc.
We found that we spent a fair amount of time sitting on that leather couch. So one year I asked Bruce to buy me an indoor/outdoor carpet for the garage. I was tired of looking at the stained cement floor.
Like any good hangout, music is a welcome feature. So Bruce bought me a nice stereo. It works with Bluetooth, so I can play tunes from my i-tunes account.
Bruce helped me to decorate a bit by putting up some Christmas lights. They are fun and festive. We also added a few artificial trees with tiny lights. But the piece de la resistance is the lava lamps that Bruce bought for me! Once those babies get warmed up they are fun to watch and they create a nice glow.
Since half of the garage is full of clutter, we hung up a large table cloth which hides the junk. One day I will tackle that junk pile, but for now the table cloth drape works pretty well to keep the crap out of sight. We have things that one would expect to find in a garage such as bicycles, ladders, and hockey skates, although my preference would be to have none of that stuff!
I picked up an ottoman that serves as a tickle trunk, and I keep some party hats and funny glasses on hand “just in case”. You just never know when a party hat will come in handy!
Sometimes it gets a bit cool sitting outside, so we plugged in an electric fireplace that my folks gave us. We also have an outdoor heater for the really cool evenings.
When the overhead door is open, it’s a signal that the girlrage is open for business, invitations are not necessary. The girlrage is a very relaxing hangout. We’ve had many a lively impromptu party in the GR. There have been endless conversations with friends, dance-offs, and party games. We’ve even had party crashers stop by, however they were rather disappointed to find middle-aged women and kids at the hoedown.
Who knew that the discarded green leather couch would be the start of something so fun!


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