Short Stories - non fiction


When I was a teenager back in the ’70s, my family treated me like I was useless. That is a true story. To this day, anytime I do anything, my folks are always “surprised”. Which, in a way, has worked out okay as no matter how small or simple the task, it is seen as a major accomplishment.

My mother always had the exact opposite opinion of Lynne. It is a well known fact that Mom thinks that Lynne is super human, capable of anything, and most definitely “the favourite”. She is referred to as “THAT LYNNE”….”that Lynne can do anything”….I can’t tell you how often I have heard that. I am fine with it though, as I tend to agree with the sentiment.

One day, way back when I was a “useless teenager”, unbeknownst to me, my mother phoned up Lynne and asked her to do some window washing. Lynne would be paid for this task. I was not offered the position, and I was quite okay with that.

My dear Aunt Ebbie happened to be visiting at the time. I loved my Aunt Ebbie. She was a great cook, she loved to play cards, she smoked, she drank beer, and she was a hoot to hang out with. We would get playing this epic card game “Big Bertha” which would last for hours. While playing, we’d sip on Coke floats (that is Coke with ice cream in it), and we’d bite off both ends of a liquorice stick to use as a straw. So fun!

Anyhow, since Lynne was working away washing windows, I decided to go float around in the pool. I seem to recall Lynne yelling out the window at me, giving me some lip, but I cared not. Life was good. Lynne was doing the housework, meanwhile I was working on my tan.

Getting close to the lunch hour, Ebbie yelled out the window “what would you like for lunch Anne?” I promptly ordered a roast beef sandwich. I guess what took the cake though was that Ebbie asked Lynne to “deliver” my freshly made roast beef sandwich to me pool side.

Don’t get me wrong, Lynne has never let me forget that day, and I’ve taken a lot of guff over it.

Like I said, life was good.


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